The first ride

The first ride

Monday, 5 July 2010

Life in the old legs yet!

I've been for a couple of short rides this week, and tried to include some decent hills to get the legs working. Whitstable is surrounded by some decent climbs so there's no shortage of challenges. The new bike has held up well, and it certainly makes a difference having the right gear ratio. As you come into Whitstable from the Thanet Way you get a great view of the town and the seascape beyond....going downhill is never a problem, (other than excess speed v's gravel!), but Borstal Hill, as it is called (?) has yet to be conquered going up!

The Cuban Challenge

We leave for Cuba in November, and while I expect the terrain to be reasonably challenging, I think the hardest thing to cope with will be the humidity. We begin our ride on day 2 at the famous Bay of Pigs, and head through the Zapata (Viva!) National Park for Cienfuegos, a short 45km away. Next day we have a tougher ride through the Escambray mountains, 89km to Trinidad, where we have a gentle tour in the area of 48km the next day.

Day 5 of the trip we have an 86km ride to Santa Clara, the first 10km up hill! The last stretch is 80km back towards Cienfuegos, where we will spend the evening comparing sores, setting fire to our bikes and getting familiar with the local brew!

Day 7 is a day off to take in the sights of Havana, one of the oldest cities in the Americas, amazing architecture and the famous 50's American cars. Perhaps a cigar and Salsa (if the legs are still working!)

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